Blaine Anderson

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Challenge Accepted || Seblaine 

  • Tagging: Blaine Anderson and Sebastian Smythe
  • Time Frame: Friday Night
  • Location: Some Bar
  • General Notes: I actually don’t have anything relevant here but yeah.

Blaine hadn’t honestly expected Sebastian to accept this challenge, so to speak.  It was easy.  Anyone could cause a bit of trouble, sober or not.  It shouldn’t have antagonized Sebastian like it had, but he had said that Blaine had some “magical power” over him that he could frustrate him.  It didn’t make sense, and, honestly, Blaine wasn’t sure what exactly Sebastian was trying to prove.  If it really was that he could make trouble, Blaine was screwed, because he already knew Sebastian’s ability to cause trouble in any situation, if High School had been any indication.  In the years since then, he’d probably done nothing more than perfect his craft.  It was a little disheartening, although Blaine was incredibly curious as to what he was going to do exactly.

Blaine wasn’t quite sure why he was nervous.  He’d gone to clubs before, although never to not actually drink.  That wasn’t what made him nervous: it was Sebastian.  He was nervous seeing Sebastian now, and he wasn’t quite sure what to make of that.  He sighed, walking down the streets with his hands in his pockets, heading for the club Sebastian had told him to meet at.  He’d settled on casual clothes, just black skinny jeans and a black v-neck, since it was just a club night with an old friend, even if neither were drinking.

He was chalking up his nerves to the challenge Sebastian had issued him.  If Sebastian succeeded in raising hell, which Blaine knew he would, then Blaine had to prove to Sebastian that he wasn’t as innocent as the other boy thought.  He wasn’t even quite sure how to do that.  Maybe he was innocent enough, at least in Sebastian’s eyes.

Once Blaine got to the club, not spotting Sebastian anywhere, he went and sat down at a table near the bar.  The rule was no drinking tonight, so he was sticking to it while waiting for the other boy to make an appearance, just watching some other people around the club drink and dance and socialize.